AC Fluid Technology

display & control units

Complex Hydraulic or lubrication systems often require a number of measuring points for pressure, temperature or liquid level. Since these points are scattered all over the system the centralised location of the displays with good visibility and accessibility becomes an important requirement for convenient system operation. The Buehler Multitronik display and control unit displays the current system temperature, pressure or liquid level at a good visible location independent of the location of the measuring point. A standard analogue input signal 4-20mA can be converted into different display values corresponding to the required measuring unit. The Multitronik is wall mounted on a standard rail. Depending on the applications requirements, using a menu guided programme up to two individual output signals can be programmed in addition to the 4-20 mA output signal. The bright LED display can be set to measure in °C, °F, bar, psi or litre. All settings are stored even if power failure occurs. The maximum and minimum values are available during the operation.