AC Fluid Technology

pressure controls
The surveillance of the working pressure in a system is a very important operation parameter in fluid power, coolant and lubrication systems. Depending on the type or mode of the control system, the display and / or the indication of relevant pressure levels, different pressure limits or continuous readings are required. In many cases a variety of different sample points are controlled and displayed by pressure switches with digital displays at a central point. Traditionally, these pressure switches are all hydraulically piped up to the sample points. The Pressotronic now offers a more contemporary and simple method for reliable surveillance of system pressure. Depending on the application we offer a choice of adjustable pressure switches with digital display directly installed at the sample point or versions with separate sample point transmitters and remote control and display units. In this case, the transmitter and the displays are connected just by simple flexible cables instead of inflexible pipes. Both versions provide almost fully identical modules. The control and display unit features a three digit LED display with good readability even under poor visibility conditions. As a combined unit, the display can be positioned within an angle of 270°. The control unit itself is designed for 35mm rail mounting, allowing the straightforward installation of multiple units without additional cabinets. The transmitter is available as a stand alone unit with an analogue 4-20mA output.