AC Fluid Technology

temperature controls
Cost effective temperature switches with bi-metal contacts. Rugged, simple design with good heat transfer. Electronic temperature switches have precise switch points and a narrow hysteresis, and so they are particularly useful for applications which require switch points close to ambient temperature. The Temperature Sensor / Transmitter series have a simple, compact design, cable connector as standard, variable insertion depth and spring loaded sensor option. This is a cost effective temperature sensor with integrated temperature transmitter and very compact physical dimensions, available in brass or stainless steel, with various cable connector options. The Thermotronik series is an electronic contact sensor, displaying in Celsius or Fahrenheit, for tank top or external installation, with up to six programmable alarm outputs with relays. It has a microprocessor controlled contact thermometer with maximum six alarm outputs and data storage in case of power failure. The Thermotronik series can be successfully integrated with other products in our range.