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IVIE IE-35 hand held audio system

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IVIE IE-35 hand held audio system

Details The IE-35 Audio Analysis System from Ivie is a second generation, calibrated, handheld audio instrument delivering a broad range of acoustical measurements displayed in stunning color. In-the-field functions include real time analyzer measurements (RTA), sound pressure level (SPL) measurements, seat-to-seat level variation measurements, strip chart recordings of sound level over time, polarity checking, oscilloscope measurements, Noise Criteria (NC/NR) measurements, a built-in signal generator, audio level volt meter, RT60 reverb and more.
Delivering accurate measurement data in a highly useful format, it provides unsurpassed convenience in a feature-rich package that fits comfortably in the palm of one hand... all this at a very affordable price.
IE-35 Software Downloads:
specification A calibrated, instrumentation-grade (TYPE I or TYPE II), audio analysis system built upon an open Windows Mobile 2005 platform. Offering detailed Real Time Analyzer (RTA) and Sound Pressure Level (SPL) functionality including accurate and easy-to-use RTA, SPL Monitor, Strip Chart Recorder, Polarity Checker, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Audio Level Volt Meter, RT-60 reverb and more. All combined into an extremely convenient, brilliantly colored, and useful PDA package.
Virtually unlimited data storage and fully capable of downloading data to PC for archiving and graphic reporting using free IvieXLS (Microsoft Excel Template) software (included with any IE-35 purchase).
Battery life capable of running about 3 to 3.5 hours in full energy burn mode with the external Dell high capacity 2200 mAH accessory battery that is included in the package.
Inputs: Mic/Line Channel 1, Line Channel 2
Outputs: 3.5mm stereo jack
The IE-35 comes as a complete package. It includes the Dell® Axim® X51v PDA, with charger, synchronization cradle and cables (USB/RS232), custom acoustic analyzer software, and IvieXLS© graphing and plotting software (requires Microsoft Excel), manual, IE-35 “PAL” custom jacket with built in high quality preamplifier, analog/digital converter, IE-35 hardware, high capacity 2200 mAH battery and back-cover, lower capacity 1100 mAH battery and back-cover, IE-35M Type II microphone with mini QG connector, and custom belt-pack carrying case.
RTA (FFT-based)
SPL Monitor
Strip Chart
Signal Generator
Audio Level Volt Meter
Downloading to a PC