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Abakus® mobil air portable laser particle counters for air and gases including to ISO 14644

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Short Description Abakus® mobil air portable laser particle counters for air and gases including to ISO 14644
Details The Abakus® particle counter is an evaluation system for the measurement of number and size of particles in air and in gaseous media. The measuring system is suitable for fixed and mobile applications. The equipment options of four different particle sensors (LDS 328, LDS 328s, LDS 528 or LDS 2/2) enables the particle counter to cover the measuring range from 0.2 ?m to 50 ?m, and 5 ?m to 500 ?m (with the sensor LDS 2/2), thus being suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks. The easy to use menu navigation ensures efficient working right from the outset. During the measurement the LCD display provides an overview of 16 particle size channels, date, time and the number of the current measurement. There is a tabular representation of the measuring results. At the end of a measurement the data can be printed out via a thermo printer. The software “Log and Show” allows further processing of the measured results on the PC in various programs (MS-Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 etc). Direct measuring and filing is also possible via the software. The autocalibration function of the particle counter allows for simple testing and secondary calibration of the system.
Available in two versions: 1. mains-operated version 230V/AC 2. version with rechargeable battery 24V/DC / power supply
Areas of application: ISO14644. Particle monitoring and inspection of cleanrooms, clean workbenches, isolators, filter facilities in surgery rooms, compressed air, filling stations in the pharmaceutical industry, efficiency testing filters, measuring cleanliness of surfaces, etc. With 2/2 sensor monitoring particle size in paint processes and industrial cleanroom assembly areas
features Method: Light scattering 90° laser
Particle size channel: sizes freely selectable e.g. in the range 0.5-20 ?m / 0.3-10 ?m/ 0.2-5 ?m max. 16 channel
Volume flow: 28.3 l/min. / optional 2.8 l/min. with flush air controlled electronically
Data contents: date, time, measuring volume, particle number, cleanroom class to ISO14644
Value readout: display, built-in printer, PC software LAS 31, RS232, threshold overstepping
Value memory: 2.400 records / + CF card
Supply unit: 230 V/AC/ battery 24 V/DC
Dimensions (h x w x d)/ weight/material: Ama LDS 328 battery 200 x 360 x 190 mm, 7kg, aluminum; Ama LDS 228 / Ama LDS 328 / Ama LDS 528 200 x 360 x 260 mm, 10 kg, aluminum / 13 kg, stainless steel; Ama LHS 128 / Ama LHS 228 200 x 360 x 445 mm, 16.5 kg, stainless steel
data sheet air and gas monitoring datasheet