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cleanroom monitoring

Added to this, safety in pharmaceutics and medicine production have a great importance, typically in the manufacturing and handling of cytostatica.

In all these areas the measuring of the performance of filters using air particle counters is an essential part of any quality assurance system. The key guidelines for the testing of clean areas include: VDI 2083, US Federal Standard 209E, DIN EN ISO14644, DIN 1946, DIN 12950 / 12980, and the FDA and GMP guidelines.

By linking the PCSS Air particle counting system to the Ecolog Net data logger a sophisticated monitoring system is achieved, which can be further enhanced with sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity.

Is it difficult to operate a centralized monitoring system?

No, it isn’t, because we support you during every single stage of installation including: - needs assessment and optimum selection of data logger and sensors - the design of the network and alarm configuration including the installation of sensors and equipment - the initial operation of the software and the logger as well as testing the complete system - training the personnel and providing support for operation and maintenance of the system.

The result

A Central Monitoring System which you understand, is easy to operate and reliable. Contact us and join the many companies that rely on the ELPRO system. They include companies from the pharmaceutical or food sector, research labs and hospitals, institutes, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Our reference list includes many proprietary names.

To make monitoring and documentation of your important data easier the ELPRO Central Monitoring System will give you fast and easy access to your measured data on any PC linked to your network.

Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions

Elpro data logging systems are designed for monitoring all relevant cleanroom parameters. Information like particle concentration, CO2 level, pressure, differential pressure, temperature or rel. humidity are continuously recorded and securely stored. With the ECOLOG-NET LA8 data loggers, up to eight 4..20mA transducers can be connected to one data logger. The elproLOG Monitor software collects all the data which is stored centrally and offers reporting and alarm capabilities.

The standard networking technology used (TCP/IP) allows a seamless integration into your existing LAN/WLAN networks. This provides around-the-clock monitoring of your critical cleanroom parameters using elproLOG software monitor. Monitoring cleanroom conditions has never been so easy and secure.

The ECOLOG-NET LA8 data logger is designed for operating with all commercially available 4..20mA transducers. To minimize installation effort, the transducers can be loop-powered. For GLP/GMP compliant Cleanroom documentation, up to eight transducers can be connected to one ECOLOG-NET LA8 data logger. Typical equipment: ECOLOG-NET LA8: data logger and accessories; Various 4..20mA transducers for acquisition of the process parameters; elproLOG QLS, the FDA-Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software package; elproLOG Monitor Plus

The equipment needed can vary according to the specifications of the Central Monitoring System. Call 01564 825145 to discuss how your application can be equiped with a secure and easy-to-use Monitoring solution.