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TCC Particle counter TCC Particle counter

TCC Particle counter

TCC Laser particle counter

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Short Description TCC Laser particle counter
Details The TCC laser particle counter with LDS 45/50 laser sensor is used as an online monitoring system for hydraulic oils and diesel fuels. The system can evaluate three freely adjustable particle sizes. Three ISO classes may be shown on the display. For each channel limit values can be set which monitor the degree of contamination. The devices can be connected to a central evaluation unit via the RS 232 or the 4-20mA interfaces respectively. Optional: Accessories for flow regulation (riser pipe, DPS or DHV). By setting the measuring time at the TCC the particle numbers can be measured in relation to the volume.
Software: The SW-TCC software is especially suitable for monitoring several TCCs (networked via RS486) or for measurements with 1 TCC only. Then PC controlled measurements can be carried out. They are displayed, printed out and exported to Excel for further processing. The program is suitable for defined-time as well as manual measurements. It is also possible to perform measurements running continuously or in fixed cycles.
Areas of application: Continuous and/or periodic monitoring of oil tanks and power units, flushing mechanical units, fuel filling/dispensing.
features Software: SW-TCC
Channels: max 3 freely selectable channels, alternatively 3 ISO classes
Measuring Value Display: Current 0-20mA / 4-20mA: RS 232
Power Supply: 18-36 VDC max. 10W
Option: freely selectable measuring, flushing, cycle periods
Dimensions (h x w x d): 185 x 245 x 120