AC Fluid Technology

particle size standards

BS-Partikel particle size standard calibration spheres are compiled from from latex or polystyrene micro beads. Microbeads microparticles microspheres nanoparticles nanospheres are alternative names for these calibrants. Manufacturing - All particle products are synthesized, processed, sized and characterized in the BS-Partikel laboratory to the highest quality standards . To achieve reproducible high quality only high precision equipment is used. NIST and/or BCR traceable calibrants are used exclusively in order to maintain accurate sizing. During the process of manufacturing and characterization all important processes and data are recorded. Composition of products - The products contain spherical particles composed of polystyrene or poly (styrene-co-divinylbenzene) with a very narrow particle size distribution and a specific mixture of surfactants which guarantees that the particles can be re-suspended without any aggregation easily even after long periods without any use. A very small quantity of preservative is added to prevent microbiological contamination. Range of Application - Particle size standards are mainly used for calibration of particle sizing instruments and for validation of these devices in general. It is also possible to simulate particulate situations to study ambiguous particle effects. Generally particle standards are suitable to determine either size-related properties such as precision, resolution, etc. or number-related properties such as concentration of particles (i.e. counting precision, reproducibility of counting, etc.). Certificates - All particle products --- except Test Particles --- are shipped with a certificate (English language) comprising all important particle data plus graphs of their particle size distributions. In addition there is information on how to apply the product and it’s appropriate storage. The data and graphical size distributions of the Test Particles can be downloaded from our website.